If you are in need of a surgical procedure for a wide variety of urological conditions, it may have been recommended to you to allow your surgeon to utilize the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery method.

The thought of robotic surgery may take you by surprise. Do we really trust robots to be performing surgical procedures on our bodies?

Rest assured, the Da Vinci Robotic system is not a robot acting on it’s own, it’s a tool that is controlled completely by your trusted surgeon.

What is Da Vinci Robotic Surgery?

This method used for minimally invasive procedures utilizes a system or “robot” that is attached to laparoscopic trocars giving the possibility to the surgeon to perform a laparoscopic surgery.

This robot is made up of 3 main parts. The patient bedside cart which contains surgical arms, a camera, and micro instruments. The surgeon consoles where the surgeon sits and operates the robotic arms. A tower that has the main computer and ancillary equipment needed to give the robot power.
Together these elements make up the Da Vinci Robotic system and allow surgeons to perform urological surgeries with many advantages when compared to traditional methods.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery

There are multiple advantages to robotic surgery that make it a great option for those who are candidates. If you choose robotic surgery it is very likely your hospital stay will be shorter when compared to traditional open surgery methods.

Because robotic surgery is so minimally invasive, that translates to quicker and easier healing processes. This is in part because incisions are much smaller than with traditional surgery, which also offers cosmetic advantages, as well.

Robotic surgery allows urology surgeons in Dayton, Ohio to make more precise movements and gives them an improved endoscopic view. Robotic surgery typically results in less blood loss and is less likely to lead to the need of a blood transfusion.

The experienced and talented surgeons at Urology Specialist of Ohio have successfully utilized this robotic system on countless patients to perform minimally invasive procedures with reduced scarring, pain and recovery time.

We are happy to be able to offer this option to our patients with urological conditions and would be happy to further talk with you about this robotic system as it pertains to your surgical options.