As urologists, we have successfully treated the different types of bladder incontinence using multiple procedure options. Incontinence is more common than most people realize. Approximately 13 million Americans are incontinent.

Now, when we talk about incontinence most people think of urinary Incontinence, but bowel incontinence can also happen and greatly interfere with the lives of those who suffer from it.

Bowel Incontinence, sometimes known as fecal incontinence, is the inability to control one’s bowels, resulting in involuntary soiling.

Much like urinary incontinence, there are a few different ways bowel incontinence can affect people based on the type of incontinence you may have.

Urge Bowel Incontinence

For some, the experience of bowel incontinence feels like a sudden urge to use the bathroom with the inability to hold it long enough to make it to the toilet.

Passive Bowel Incontinence

For others, there may be no urge or warning feeling before soiling themselves, or they accidentally soil when passing gas.

Bowel Incontinence Treatment

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people may experience bowel incontinence. It can affect people of any age but is more commonly experienced in older adults.

The causes of bowel incontinence vary. It can be a symptom of diarrhea, constipation, or weakening of the muscle that controls the opening of the anus. It can also be caused by long-term conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and dementia.

The good news is bowel incontinence can be treated. Your care team will decide the best course of treatment based on what may be causing your symptoms and what type of incontinence you are experiencing.

When seeking bowel incontinence treatment in Springfield, Ohio a Gastro Intestinal doctor may refer you to a urologist. Why?

Urologists have mastered using InterStim technology to treat urinary urge incontinence and that same technology can be applied to treat bowel urge incontinence, as well.

What is Interstim?

The InterStim system uses an external device during a trial assessment period and an internal device for long-term therapy. InterStim Therapy is a proven neuromodulation therapy that targets and corrects the communication problem between the brain and the nerves that control the bowels. If those nerves are not communicating correctly, the bowels will not function properly.

This outpatient procedure has successfully treated countless patients’ urinary and bowel incontinence. At Urology Specialists of Ohio, we strive to help those struggling with incontinence symptoms return to a normal life worrying less about making it to the restroom.