Considering a vasectomy? If you don’t want to have children in the future, it’s a great choice. Vasectomies offer a variety of advantages over female tubal ligation (also known as “having your tubes tied”). They’re 99% effective, they’re more affordable, they pose fewer health risks, and they have faster recovery times.  

Most men resume day-to-day life just 2-3 days after their vasectomy 

If you’re concerned that a vasectomy might change or affect you in some way, there’s no need for concern. Though it can take up to two weeks before you resume normal sexual activity, you’ll be just as you were before once you’re healed. Additionally, you’ll want to wait three month before having unprotected sex, as it can take some time for remaining sperm to fully exit your system. 

It’s best to have your sperm counted before you stop using contraceptives. After that, there’s nothing to be concerned about. The truth is, there is only one question most men need to answer before they get a vasectomy… 

Are You Certain You Don’t Want to Have Kids? 

As we said before, vasectomies are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. Once they’ve been performed, they are technically permanent.  

That said, they can (usually) be reversed. This, however, isn’t as simple as it may sound. While a vasectomy takes less than a half an hour, a vasectomy reversal takes 4-6 hours, and it’s much more invasive. Even after having the procedure, there are no guarantees that the patient will be able to impregnate someone. 

Unlike a vasectomy, a reversal procedure is not performed by a traditional urologist. Instead, it is typically provided by a surgeon who specializes in the procedure.

Alternatively, a surgical sperm extraction can be performed. This, in combination with in vitro fertilization, can allow you to have children. This process also offers no guarantees, and it can be quite costly. 

Though you do have options after a vasectomy, it’s best to make sure that you are done having children before having the procedure done. 

Learning Your Options 

If you’re considering a vasectomy, you should speak to a urologist. They’ll be able to explain your options and answer any further questions you might have. For a vasectomy doctor in the Dayton, Ohio area, contact Urology Specialists of Ohio today. Our facilities are equipped to perform no-needle, no scalpel vasectomies, which require no stitches and offer even faster recovery times. We do not perform vasectomy reversals.