Regular urination is a sign of healthy function and proper hydrationThe question is, at what point are you urinating too often? It can vary depending on your situationTypically, a healthy person will urinate anywhere between 5-10 times a day. Those who drink a gallon or more of water a day may even go 11 or 12 times.  

If you’re making more trips than that, however, your body may be trying to tell you something. 

There are a number of factors that can contribute to frequent urination. We’ve listed some of the possible causes below. However, you should be cautious about self-diagnosing. Excessive urination could stem from something fairly inconsequential, or it could be a sign of a more serious condition.  

The only way to know for sure is to see a urologist. 

A urologist can work with you to determine the cause of your frequent bathroom visits. From there, they can help you address the core issue so that you can take back control of your bladder. In some cases, this may require a simple diet change. In more severe situations, a surgical procedure may be recommended. 

If you believe you are urinating more than you should be, it’s a good idea to visit a urologist. For urologist in the Dayton, Ohio area, contact Urology Specialists of Ohio. 

Possible Causes of Frequent Urination 

Generally, the number of visits you make to the bathroom is directly linked to how many fluids you are drinking. If you are drinking something throughout the entire day, you will likely be making regular trips to the bathroom. This is especially true if you’re drinking diuretics. 

A diuretic is any substance that increases urine production. This includes caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, acidic foods, and more. Those who enjoy coffee, soda, or beer will likely find themselves urinating more than those who stick to just water. If you’re looking to urinate less often, try cutting back on caffeine, alcohol, and sweet beverages. 

If that doesn’t seem to affect anything, there could be something else going on. 

Urinary tract infections can be a common cause for frequent urination among women (though men can also develop UTIs). This is often accompanied with other symptoms such as a burning sensation, discolored urine, and discomfort in your back or pelvic region.  

For men, prostate conditions such as BPH, prostatitis, and prostate cancer can all potentially increase how frequently they urinate. Once again, these conditions are often accompanied by additional symptoms. If you are experiencing any other symptoms in addition to frequent urination, it’s especially important that you see a doctor immediately. 

Other possible causes of frequent urination include kidney issues, medications, diabetes, anxiety, interstitial cystitis, incontinence, and more. Don’t simply accept a loss of bladder control as a part of life. Speak with a urologist and regain control of your bladder function.