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If your doctor recommends surgery, you may be a candidate for a very effective, minimally invasive procedure called da Vinci Surgery.  This procedure uses state-of-the-art technology designed to help your doctor perform the most precise and least invasive surgery available today.

The da Vinci Surgical System is designed to provide surgeons with enhanced capabilities, including high-definition 3D vision and a magnified view.

Your doctor controls the da Vinci System which translates his hand movements into smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments inside your body.

Though it is often called a “robot”, da Vinci cannot act on its own, instead, surgery is performed entirely by your doctor.  Together, da Vinci technology allows your doctor to perform complex procedures through just a few tiny openings.  As a result, you may be able to get back to your life without the usual recovery following major surgery.

The da Vinci System has been used successfully worldwide in hundreds of thousands of procedures to date and is used to treat kidney surgery, prostate surgery and pelvic prolapse surgery.

What is the daVinci Robot?

The daVinci Robot is a system that is attached to the laparoscopic trocars giving the possibility to the surgeon to perform a laparoscopic surgery with multiple advantages.
It is comprised of 3 main elements:

1. The patient bed side cart which contains the 3 or 4 arms that will be attached to the patient, a camera and 2 or 3 micro instruments according to the surgery performed.
2. The surgeon console where the surgeon sits and operates the robotic arms, he has a 3 dimensions High Definition view of his surgical field allowing him to perform precise and complex movements.
3. A tower that has the main computer and ancillary equipments needed like an energy source, the computer mainframe, cable connections, etc.

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Thank you for choosing our group of doctors and staff for your Urology needs. In order for us to better serve you, below is a checklist of things to know and bring to your first appointment. If you do not have the paperwork filled out prior to your appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete in the office. If you do not have the paperwork filled out prior to your appointment time then your appointment will be rescheduled to another date.

Urology Specialists of Ohio has been a committed part of the Springfield community for more that 10 years, and now serves Springfield, Beavercreek, London, Xenia, and Urbana striving to improve the medical community, with excellence in all areas of urology.

Our goals are to provide state of the art medical treatment for patients with genitourinary problems. We provide this in the most compassionate and cost effective way possible. We take pride in providing excellent care with attention to detail and respect in a friendly atmosphere.

What are the Advantages of Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is an advanced form of laparoscopic surgery. The advantages can be divided into advantages over the traditional “open” surgery: translating into less pain, better cosmesis ( small 8mm incisions instead of one large 8-10 cm incision) less blood loss and risk of blood transfusions and short hospital stays (less than 24 hrs compared to the 3 or 4 days of open surgery).

Advantages over laparoscopic surgery include: better ergonomics, more precise movements, endo-wrist movements and tremor reduction, improved 3D HD endoscopic view; all allowing the surgeon to perform the most complex surgeries without compromising on the minimally invasive approach.

It’s normal to feel stressed or scared about having a urological surgery, but the skilled surgeons in the from Urology Specialists of Ohio can put you at ease. We offer advanced minimally invasive procedures that reduce scarring, pain and recovery time, so you can rest assured you’re getting both innovative and compassionate care. And we understand the fears that exist with this type of surgery. Let us help you understand better the tools that are used to help keep this surgery minimal.



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