In the past week, the United States federal and state governments have begun to take increasingly strong actions to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This has included closing schools, canceling events, shutting down restaurants/bars, and more. Aspects of everyday life are being disrupted for virtually everyone, and many are left unsure about what is or isn’t open. 

Rest assured that Urology Specialists of Ohio is still in operation to cover emergency urological needs. 

We are Still Here for You 

Those in the medical field are needed now more than ever. As an emergency service provider, Urology Specialists of Ohio is considered part of the critical infrastructure workforce. That means that despite the statewide quarantine currently in effect across Ohio, our facilities are remaining open.  

Here are the key pieces of information you need to know: 

    • We are still accepting emergency patients 
    • All staff members are having their temperatures checked prior to their shifts 
    • We will check all patients temperatures before they can be seen 
    • We are currently setting up phone-based patient “visits” for those who need to stay home 
    • Current patients will be seen in office on a case by case basis 

Please call us if you have any questions or concernsWe are working extra hard to stay compliant with the current regulations and recommendations being handed out. This includes screening both employees and patients and ensuring the highest levels of sanitization.  

If you’re in need of emergency urology services in Dayton, Ohio or the surrounding communities, please visit our location nearest you. If you’re experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 and/or you’ve been in direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please contact your personal doctor or medical care provider. 

It’s important for all of us during this time to practice social distancing and enhanced personal hygiene. If you don’t have to leave your home, please don’t. Together, we can help “flatten the curve” and drastically reduce the outcome of this dangerous virus.