If you think you are in need of urological care to treat anything from kidney stones and bladder infections to receiving a vasectomy procedure, you may be wondering if your insurance will cover it?

We know that the cost of medical care can sometimes be a roadblock for people needing treatment, and we hope this is never something that stops you from receiving the treatment you need. 

Because the ins and outs of everyone’s individual insurance plans can be a bit complicated and vary greatly, we can’t tell you exactly whether or not your urological care will be covered by your insurance. 

What we can tell you, however, is that at Urology Specialists of Ohio we  participate with most major insurance companies including Anthem, UHC, Medical Mutual, and Aetna.  We are also providers for Medicare, most Medicare advantage plans, and Ohio Medicaid. We have successfully worked with insurance companies of a majority of our patients for them to receive some or all coverage for their treatment.

We do not, however, work with every single insurance provider so we do encourage our patients who are wondering to reach out to their insurance provider to be sure our clinic is in network for their plan. Additionally, your insurance provider should be able to give you an idea of how much coverage you would receive for a vast variety of urological treatments, depending on your needs. 

Between our offices and your insurance provider most clients are able to get a good idea of how much their treatment will cost them.

In addition to working with insurance providers, we have a number of ways we can work with you financially to receive the treatment you need. 

Payment Options

At Urology Specialist of Ohio we accept payment in the form of cash, check, and all major credit cards including, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

For your convenience, we also offer online payment through our patient portal.

Payment Plans

If you are not able to pay your full balance at one time we are always happy to work with our patients through a payment plan. This allows you to pay for treatment with smaller scheduled payments. 

Working With You

We never want finances to prevent you from receiving the medical treatment you need. Urological conditions can worsen and cause unnecessary suffering or damage the longer they go untreated. Many treatments are quick and noninvasive and much simpler than you may perceive.

Give us a call today, if you are experiencing any concerns over urological issues and our urology doctors in Springfield, Ohio will be happy to see how we can work with you to make your treatment possible!