The appearance of urine is something most people don’t pay a lot of attention to. They simply go to the bathroom, and when they’re finished, they flush it down the toilet without another thought. The one exception would probably be if you noticed blood in your urine. 

But does red or pink urine automatically mean there’s blood, or can there be other causes? Let’s take a look at what your urine color might be telling you. 

What Color Should Your Urine Be? 

Urine is, of course, associated with the color yellow and for good reason. This is the color your urine should be. If you’re well hydrated, it’ll be on the lighter side. If you’re drinking excess water, it might even be clear. 

Don’t worry, that is completely normal. 

On the other side of the spectrum, if you notice your urine is a vibrant yellow, it might mean you’ve had a lot of vitamins recently. Specifically, B-vitamins. Once again, this isn’t a bad thing. Ultimately, as long as your urine is somewhere between clear and yellow, all is as it should be. 

If you’re seeing other colors, however, there might be something off. 

Orange or Dark Brown Urine 

If your urine starts to turn from yellow to orange or dark brown, it could mean a number of things. In the case of orange specifically, it could be excess vitamins again. Both orange and brown urine can also be caused by certain medications. If you recently took something that you normally don’t have in your system, and your urine is looking a bit on the orange/brown side, that’s probably what’s causing it. 

Otherwise, you could be a little dehydrated. Try drinking some more water and see what happens. If the color remains no matter how much water you’re drinking, it could be an issue with the liver or your bile duct. 

Blue or Green Urine 

If your urine is a shade of blue or green, it can be a little surprising. After all, it’s a pretty unnatural color for your body to produce. However, there’s likely no reason to be worried. Blue and green urine is typically caused by food coloring and other dyes. In rarer instances, however, it could be tied to another condition. 

See a doctor if the color remains. 

Red or Pink 

If you see red or pink in your urine, your first thought is probably that it’s blood. While that could certainly be the case, it’s not a guarantee. Foods such as beets and blueberries can cause your urine to turn a reddish hue. 

If, however, it’s not being caused by something you ate, it could be a sign of kidney, bladder, or prostate issues. 

When to See a Doctor 

Are you experiencing inexplicable urine colors over a period of multiple days? Don’t hesitate to see a medical professional. A urologist will be able to effectively analyze your urine and determine what’s going on. It’s always best to be safe than to discover you’ve been ignoring a serious condition. 

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