For those with more extreme cases of urge incontinence, the InterStim system has provided a way to take back control of their bladder. InterStim is a device designed to correct the communication problems between your brain and the nerves that control your bladder. First, you are setup with an external device to ensure that InterStim helps your incontinence problems. If that proves successful, a device is implanted in the upper right buttock and controlled from a wireless controller (such as a smartphone). 

While this system has proven largely successful and allows people to fully control their bladder without medication or extreme lifestyle changes, it does come with some fine printFor example, you can’t receive MRIs on your abdomen or pelvis. Your device may also be affected by metal detectors and similar devices. 

Finally, the battery in traditional InterStim devices lasts around 5 years. At this point, an additional surgery will need to be performed to replace the battery.  

However, Medtronic, the developers of InterStim, have released a new InterStim system that’s capable of alleviating some of these issues. 

Introducing the InterStim Micro 

Interstim Micro works the same as the traditional InterStim device. However, it comes with a few key differences. First and foremost, it’s 80% smaller than the current InterStim II model. This allows for an even less intrusive operation and faster recovery time. It also allows for the device to be MRI friendly. 

Unlike the traditional InterStim device, the Micro can be recharged while implanted. This allows the battery to last for up to 15 years. Recharging the battery is quick and simple. You can go from 0-100% in less than an hour. The frequency of recharging depends on the usage of the patient. 

If you want the benefits of a smaller, longer lasting InterStim device, InterStim Micro is a great way to go. 

Discovering Your Options 

Incontinence is not something anyone should simply accept as a part of life. Treatment options are available for all types of incontinence. The first step is to visit a urologist. They’ll be able to diagnose the type of incontinence you are experiencing, as well as potential causes. Depending on your situation, InterStim may be an option. 

At Urology Specialists of Ohio, we offer both InterStim 2 and InterStim Micro for patients suffering from urge incontinence. For urologist in Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding communities, contact us today!