There are a number of conditions that can affect bladder function. However, many of them share similar symptoms. This often makes accurate diagnosing difficult. Common symptoms of bladder conditions include a sudden urgency to urinate, excessive frequency of urination, nocturia (frequent nighttime urination), and more.  

Though these typically have separate underlying causes, they’re often grouped together under the term lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). To determine the cause of LUTS, doctors utilize a number of methods. Many of the traditional tests used to identify urinary conditions in men are invasive, uncomfortable, and often embarrassing. 

However, there is a newer method that’s becoming increasingly popular due to its accuracy and comfort. It’s called UroCuff.  

UroCuff is a non-invasive tool that tests and evaluates bladder efficiency.  

What Will Happen During My Test? 

Before the test, a patient will be asked to drink at least 32 ounces of water within the hour before the appointment. This helps ensure they have a full bladder ready for the test. A patient should try not to urinate during the hour before the test. 

When you are ready for the test, you will be brought to a private room. A small cuff is fitted to your penis, and surface electrodes may also be placed on your abdomen and/or perineum. 

You will be asked to void into a portable toilet. While you’re voiding, the cuff will apply pressure until your urine flow is reduced or stopped. 

The inflation intervals will continue until you’ve emptied your bladder completely. The cuff and electrodes will then be removed. 

Once the patient has emptied their bladder, the UroCuff’s software will gauge bladder function based on the data gathered from the cuff and the flow meter. An ultrasound is also performed on the bladder to determine if there’s still urine left in the bladder after the patient is done. 

With this information gathered, your urologist should be able to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a treatment plan from there. 

Is UroCuff for Me? 

UroCuff can be used to identify underlying conditions for a number of symptoms including: 

  • Weak urine flow 
  • Urge incontinence 
  • Bladder leakage 
  • Excessive nighttime urination 
  • Trouble emptying bladder 
  • And more 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then UroCuff might be a viable option for you. It’s also used to monitor and treat BPH. Whatever your condition might be, UroCuff is non-invasive, low cost, and accurate. 

At Urology Specialists of Ohio, we utilize the latest technology and methods to provide our patients with more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment. This includes offering tests such as Urocuff. If you’re in need of a urologist in the Dayton, Ohio area, contact Urology Specialists of Ohio today!