We know deciding to get a vasectomy is a big decision for a couple or an individual. We also know although vasectomies offer a number of benefits,  most men walk into making this decision feeling nervous about what the procedure will entail and how they will feel. 

At Urology Specialist of Ohio, we have a team of vasectomy doctors near Dayton Ohio with years of experience performing this procedure. We want to ensure every patient we work with is sure of their decision and comfortable in our office, no matter what treatment or procedure they are seeing us for. 

It can be hard to comprehend exactly what to expect when walking into a vasectomy procedure, but here as well as at any appointments before your procedure, we want to prepare you as much as possible. 

Most vasectomy nerves are caused by misunderstanding or rooted in myths about the procedure. In reality, a vasectomy is minimally invasive, only causes a small degree of discomfort, and requires very little downtime following the procedure. 

No Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy

Today, most people are opting for a no-needle no-scalpel vasectomy. This is an extremely non-invasive method to perform a vasectomy and perhaps the most comfortable option for patients. 

A traditional vasectomy will utilize a needle for local anesthesia and a scalpel is used to cut your scrotum so the tubes, known as vas deferens, can be reached. A small section of each tube is cut out and (potentially) cauterized, and then the skin is stitched back together.

A no-needle no-scalpel vasectomy uses a hemostat to make a small puncture in the scrotal sack. The vas deferens are then pulled through the hole, cut, cauterized, and put back in place. Because the hole involved in the no-scalpel is so small, stitches usually aren’t needed. 

We also offer “no needle” anesthesia where we numb the area without injecting a needle into the skin.

Regardless of the vasectomy method used, you will be awake for the procedure. We know this may sound intimidating but with a skilled urologist and the use of an anesthetic, the procedure can be virtually painless. 

After a Vasectomy

Immediately following a vasectomy procedure you may feel some aching or tenderness in your testicles. This can be managed with pain medicine and ice if needed. We recommended you rest for the first 24 hours following your procedure. 

During the early phase of recovery, you should avoid heavy lifting or other strenuous activity. You also should abstain from sex or ejaculation for 7 days. After 2-3 days of recovery, you can return to work and should be able to return to life as normal after about a week. 

Vasectomy Doctor Near Dayton, Ohio

When considering a vasectomy it is incredibly important you seek an experienced urologist. A vasectomy is an extremely effective form of birth control when done properly. Still have questions about what your vasectomy experience may look like? Contact our team at Urology Specialist of Ohio today.