If you’re done with having children (or you simply don’t plan on ever having children), the best way to avoid a future pregnancy is through a surgical procedure. The two most common ways of going about this are for a man to get a vasectomy or a female to undergo tubal ligation (often referred to as having your tubes tied).  

While there can be situations where a tubal ligation might prove advantageous, most professionals would recommend a vasectomy as the best way to prevent you and your significant other from having children. Vasectomies have a success rate of over 99%. They also more affordable, pose fewer health risks, and have a faster recovery than tubal ligation. 

Before you get a vasectomy, however, it’s good to understand what the procedure looks like. 

How Does a Vasectomy Work? 

A vasectomy is a procedure that stops male contraception by surgically cutting or blocking the vas deferens.  That sounds very technical (and a little painful), but it’s really not. The vas deferens are the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra.  

With a vasectomy, a small section of each tube is cut out, rendering conception impossible. The specifics of how this is done depends on the type of vasectomy chosen. 

The Different Types of Vasectomies 

The traditional method of a vasectomy starts by cutting your scrotum with a scalpel so the vas deferens can be reached. Don’t worry, the area is numbed first, so you won’t feel a thing. Next, a small section of each tub is cut out, potentially cauterized, and then the skin is stitched back together. 

Alternatively, there is the no-scalpel method. This uses a hemostat to make a small puncture in your scrotal sack. The vas deferens are pulled through the hole, cut, cauterized, and placed back where they belong. With the no-scalpel method, the hole is small enough that stiches aren’t needed. 

Both methods are very quick and surprisingly free of pain. 

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