It is commonly known that vasectomies are one of the most effective and permanent forms of birth control. This procedure is usually elected by couples who have decided they would like to be done conceiving and having children or individuals or couples who never want to have kids.

Whatever your reasoning may be for having a vasectomy the outcome will be the same. This procedure closes off the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles. If we go back to biology class, we will remember that without sperm you can no longer make a baby.

This procedure sounds pretty simple and, in fact, it actually is pretty simple. We know it can be intimidating or frightening for men to consider having this procedure done, but we are here to assure you that vasectomies are safe and almost pain free.

Much like many other areas of your life, advancements in technology and procedure techniques has allowed us to offer you even more comfort throughout your quick vasectomy procedure.

Here are a few of the ways we have been able to make vasectomies more comfortable and less painful for the men we have treated.

Traditional Vs. No Scalpel Vasectomy

A traditional vasectomy involves making a small scalpel cut into the testicle to access the vas deferens tube which carries semen from the testicles. This tube will then be cut and closed off and the incision will be closed with a few stitches.

We have found that a lot of our patients don’t love the idea of having a scalpel put out their testicle so we also offer a no scalpel vasectomy procedure. This procedure used a hemostat to make a small hole in the scrotum that the vas deferens is then pulled through, cut and closed off. The access hole is so small this procedure does not require any stitches.

Those who are uncomfortable with the scalpel part of a traditional vasectomy have found a lot of comfort in our no scalpel vasectomy motion and enjoy not having to worry about stitches afterward.

Traditional Vs. No Needle Numbing

Vasectomies are virtually pain free with the use of anesthetic or other numbing options. As a vasectomy patient you will be awake for the procedure but you can expect to feel very little thanks to these numbing options.

Traditional anesthesia will be injected into the area which will result in a short sting. For those who are uncomfortable with this option we also offer topical numbing options for no needle numbing.

Catering to Your Comfort

We know getting a vasectomy can be intimidating or even frightening for many men. For this reason our vasectomy doctors in Dayton, Ohio are certified urologists with years of experience catering to the needs and comfort of the men receiving this procedure. It is our goal for you to achieve the results you want, effective birth control, with as little discomfort as possible along the way.